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Things are a bit slow over here at the Is this thing on? blog at the moment and there is a good reason for it. My awesome wife is now 9 months pregnant and we have 3 other kids so I’ve been busy looking after all these beautiful people as well as working and getting the house ready for the new arrival. This has left little time to keep the blog updated, I do this on my own and I’m a slow writer so hopefully you’ll forgive me. I will of course continue to write whenever I can, have lots of reviews, ideas and the like that I’ll post asap.

In the meantime though, I thought I’d post another of these newsletter’s that will appear sporadically, each focussing on a different subject. Todays theme is “VIDEOS!”. There has been so many videos that have caught my attention recently and in case you’d missed them why not take some time this sunny bank holiday weekend to watch and enjoy. Here goes.

First up is Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers. The man who made watching Empire! Empire! (I was a lonely estate) last November in Brighton even more perfect than it already was is back with a new EP at the ready and a new video to boot. ‘Every letter and souvenir’ is the perfect indiemo pop to soundtrack the nice weather we’re having, so excited for the whole EP now. Enjoy!

You may have seen a few weeks ago that I posted a review of the amazing new Reiziger album, to go with the record Belgian film makers Swoon have put together some incredible promo videos for a few of the songs. Each of them as interesting and compelling as each other and all perfectly complementing Reizigers music. Here is my favourite video, for the song ‘Bended Trees’. Watch it!

Next up is Dikembe. Now, this video is a couple of months old now but well worth revisiting if you’ve already seen it. There ain’t many bands better than Dikembe around at the moment and this video lives up to their greatness, it features supernatural goings on at a Dikembe house show. Good freaky fun. Bring on the album!!!

You may or my not have seen this fantastic mini documentary, ‘My Basement is a Shithole’. It’s a 22 minute film about basement show scene in Philadelphia and it is so good. There needs to be more films like this and I wish this scene existed where I live, essential viewing.

Following in a similar vein to the hilarious audition video to find the singer for the Postal Service comes AIC23. A film to celebrate the release of the new Alice In Chains album, a failed look back at the band’s career. Literally every band should have a video like this made to promote new records!!

And finally, another video that is now a few months old but as they are touring the UK next month it’s definitely worth another look. Dowsing “Midwest Living”, simple and brilliant!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon.

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Trash (Talk) TV

Trash Talk are a hardcore band from Sacremento, California and it goes without saying that Trash Talk have a reputation. The NME have labelled them ‘The worlds most dangerous band’, their crazy antics mean they have been barred from playing venues all over the world and those that do host them have been known to put up ‘You break it, you pay for it’ signs all round the place. But now you can add ‘makers of unbelievably brilliant music videos’ to that reputation too.

Seeing them play live is definitely exciting. Not knowing whats going to happen, not knowing what the band will do or how bat shit the crowd are going to go adds a real atmosphere to whatever venue they’re playing in. When we saw them play in Folkestone at the Quarterhouse a couple of years ago they looked fucked. Someone said they had just got off a flight from Japan but that didn’t affect how awesome they were that night. Nothing really ‘dangerous’ happened although that didn’t stop vocalist Lee Spielman finishing the show with blood pouring down his face. The highlight for me was when guitar player Garrett Stevenson jumped down to where my friend Paul was in the front row, looked him in the eye and without saying a word took the can of lager that Paul was holding and proceeded to take a massive swig and then hand the can back all the while without loosing eye contact. Paul stood there in wonder, totally bemused as to what had just happened.

Towards the end of last year, Trash Talk released their best effort to date. ‘Awake’ is a 5 track ep packed with power, violence, power violence and more power. It sounds huge and some of the songs venture into 2 minutes which is epic territory for the band.

The second track from the ep ‘Slander’ has been made into a music video to celebrate the launch of their own signature deck from Creature Skateboards, and was animated and directed by  Jim Dirschberger. It tells the story of how a Trash Talk show would be if you were to take some seriously toxic mushrooms before going in.

In short the video is brilliant. In time, i’m sure, it will become the ‘Sledgehammer’ for the hardcore scene. Watch it!!!!!

Cheers x

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