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Band – Acid Fast

Album – Rabid Moon

Label – Protagonist/Adagio 830


I have a very good friend who also writes a blog about music, when he comes round my house I tend to bore him to death by showing him whatever new records I’ve recently acquired or downloaded. Our tastes have grown apart over the last few years and most of what I say falls on deaf ears but when I showed him the album sleeve for ‘Rabid Moon’ by Acid Fast he was completely fascinated and more than intrigued. I know where he’s coming from, my first encounter with Acid Fast was seeing this album artwork and my first thought was that I must listen to this ASAP. I had no idea, really, what to expect but those dogs look so ferocious that it was drawing me in. I put the record on and was completely sold on the band from the off.

Acid Fast are satisfying a need for a type of music I hadn’t realised I was hungry for. A lot of what I had been listening to recently was angry, moody and introspective but this was loud, upbeat and outgoing. But Acid Fast are a rock’n’roll band and this is a rock’n’roll record. Big thumping indie punk anthems with excellent duel vocals and more hooks than a cloakroom. Everything is loud, overly distorted and, as I said, big! Especially the melodies that capture your attention on each of the killer tracks and keep your interest right to the end. Acid Fast come from Oakland, CA and feature ex members of the band Big Kids which is a big reminder to me to go back and listen to Big Kids more.


Maybe there are plenty of bands playing this Superchunk-esque, grand, indie punk sound but not many that I’ve encountered. Perhaps Joanna Gruesome but that’s all I can think of. Maybe I should lift my head up, turn of the depressing stuff more often if this is the kind of result I can expect. I doubt many bands will make an album this instantly excellent this year mind.


Oh and my friend who I mentioned at the start who was intrigued by the artwork, just checked with him and he still hasn’t listened to it!?!?? But you’re not reading his blog so pay no attention and trust me when I say you need to buy this record!!!!!

You can buy the record from Protaganist HERE

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The UK is full of some incredible new bands playing the kind of music I love to write about but one band seems to be creating the biggest amount of buzz recently. Moose Blood come from my neck of the woods and play bright, poppy indiemo and I thought now would be a good time to do a quick Q&A with the band before they get too big to answer emails from dumb blogs like this one. Eddy from the band was kind enough to answer some questions, here’s the results:
moose blood
Is this thing on? –  Quick obvious question to begin with; When/How did the band form? Have you known each other long, were you in previous bands together etc…?
Eddy – The band started with me messing around with some demos after moving back home with my folks. After I had a few songs finished, I got in touch with the rest of the boys to make it a full band. We had all played in bands together in the past so it came together pretty easily.
ITTO – You come from Canterbury, which was famous for its Hardcore scene some years ago. What is it like now? Would you say there is much of a scene?
Eddy – I’m not too sure about Canterbury so much, but there are some fantastic bands around Kent at the moment. And with people like Jay from FITA putting on so many great shows, I am sure things will pick up again.
ITTO –  On your song ‘Carbis Bay’ you name check American Football and Dashboard, what other bands are the biggest influences on the band? (That song, ‘Carbis Bay’, reminds me of ‘Very Emergency’ era Promise Ring btw)
Eddy – There are so many.. We all love Brand New, Tigers Jaw, Will Smith. I could carry on all day.
 ITTO – With the internet now you can build a fan base without leaving the house but you seem to be gigging a lot and on a very regular basis, have you found that you have to still have this ‘old school’ approach if you want to make anything of your band?
Eddy – I think that without the Internet we wouldn’t be anywhere. But yeah, we love playing shows. It’s always great to catch up with friends, watch new bands and play in front of a bunch of new people.
ITTO – There has much written about you guys being the next big thing. Are you aware of this? Has this affected the band or yourselves in any way? Or is it something you can just take with a bit of salt and get on with it?
Eddy – We have read a few little bits. Things like that are crazy to us, we are just a bunch of friends that play music together. It means the world to us that people like our record so much, but we are just going to take it day by day.
ITTO – What better time to be in an emo band than right now, what current bands (both locally and not so locally) are you in to right now?
Eddy – As I said before, there are so many. From around Kent there are bands like Coastline, Chewing Gum and The Reason I Failed History. And the new Daylight record is fantastic.
ITTO – Speaking of emo, it used to be a cardinal sin to label a band an emo band. Are you happy to be described that way?
Eddy – We are more than happy to be called an emo band. Emo is a gang after all.
ITTO – You have a new single out, what else is next for Moose Blood?
Eddy – Well the single is out at the end of this month, and then we are just going to be writing for the record. We have a few tours lined up in the summer that we are pretty excited about. And it’s looking like a couple more release before the end of the year too.
ITTO – And finally, (a question I for some reason feel the need to ask every band), if you could’ve been in any band from the 90s, who would it be and why?
Eddy – I would have loved to have been in Jimmy Eat World when they wrote Clarity. That record is incredible and to be a part of that would have been amazing. Cheers
ITTO – Thanks dude
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Just over a year ago a countdown on this very blog declared ‘Safety’ by Football, etc. to be the 79th best emo song of all, this is something that I now regret… Because it should be much higher!!! Football, etc. are one of my favourite bands from the last few years, these indiemo heroes have a new album recorded and a UK tour booked so I  thought this would be a great time to catch up with Lindsay, Mercy and Ed and fire some questions in their general direction.


Is This Thing On? – Hey!! You’ve just recorded a brand new full length, how did it go? What stage of the process are you at now?

Lindsay – We recorded it 2 weeks ago, we tracked everything in 4 and a half days and it went really well, we had a great time. Currently it’s being mixed, we’re reviewing some mixes right now and it should be mastered and sent off probably in the next month or so.

ITTO? – So, you recorded it with Ed Rose who has recorded some legendary emo bands, how did that come about? Did you seek him out? And did he have much influence on how the record sounds?

Lindsay – Some time last year our friend, his name is Andrew Mcshan and he plays in an acoustic act called Emo Side Project, he tracked a song at his studio. He lives in Kansas, quite near it and so he posted about it. I looked up Ed Rose, I actually didn’t know who he was immediately, saw what he had done, was blown away then went to his blog page and saw that 2013 is the last year that he’ll be doing records so when it came around time for us to find a studio, when we were ready to record he immediately came to mind. We contacted him, he had the time available and we went for it.

ITTO? – Is there a reason he’s stopping recording bands?

Mercy – He seemed to be just looking for a more 9 to 5 type of a job; he really wants to sell the studio that he’s at currently. I think that he just wants to move on to a job that’s a little bit more stable, I suppose, then trying to record bands all the time.

ITTO? – Empire! Empire! Are recording now with him

Mercy – Yeah in a couple of weeks

Ed – Recording with Ed Rose was my first time in an actual, professional recording studio, so I was undoubtedly nervous. He was so easy to work with and everything went so smoothly, and that made the process enjoyable for all of us. At least personally, I never felt stressed or pushing too hard to get a certain sound or certain parts absolutely perfect, so that definitely left so much room to actually enjoy the recording. The enjoyment of making a record and just having fun with all aspects of the process is probably his biggest influence.

ITTO? – Cool. Did he have any stories about when he recorded bands like Appleseed Cast/The get up kids that were pretty funny?

Lindsay – I asked him about Appleseed Cast a little bit because, you know, one day we were in the mixing room I just for some reason said “Appleseed Cast Low Level Owl Volume 1 & 2, that’s like my favourite record ever!” and he kind of chuckled. I asked, you know, how did that go? What was the deal? The only thing I remember is that he said it was recorded in 18 days which I thought was pretty cool, it was a long album

ITTO? – What both volumes recorded in 18 days?

Lindsay – Yeah

ITTO? – Wow

Lindsay – Yeah, so, that was neat. And he had good things to say about projects that he’s done and he seemed to have fun.

Mercy – Yeah, but he had some crazy stories too one was of this band that I don’t remember the name of. But it was one of those bands that were on a more major label that was kind of put together, sort of not organically. None of them really knew how to play their instruments or anything but they go in and they sign up to record with him and it’s just a total mess, the label ends up dropping the project and in exchange the band they were so angry that they stole the whole of his dvd collection that was at the studio.

ITTO? – (laughing) you didn’t do that?

Mercy – No, there was nothing left!

ITTO? – It’s been nearly 3 years since you recorded your last full length. Did you approach this record differently? Do you write songs differently now?

Lindsay – Well as far as the studio goes we wanted it to be similar as in tracking everything live other than doing vocals and a couple of extra little guitar and bass things here and there, so that process was similar. And working with Ed Rose was great. As far as writing I guess the biggest difference now is that we have a new drummer. I guess the approach hasn’t necessarily changed.

Mercy – Yeah maybe not the approach to writing songs but I think that we’ve been writing songs a lot more quickly since we started up with Ed.

ITTO? – Do you write songs as a band? Do you come to practice with an idea for a song and then flesh it out or are they pretty much written by one person and everyone just adds their own parts?

Lindsay – All of the above, some of them start with something I have written, some of them start with something Mercy has and then there’s the songs that just happen on the spot.

ITTO? – And what bands have you been listening to a lot lately and did they have any influence on how the record sounds?

(Lindsay & Mercy both laugh)

Mercy – I think we’re both laughing here because we continue to just listen to like all of our same favourites, you know, from like the past 10 years or whatever. I think I’m still spending a lot of time listening to Fugazi and stuff like that, I don’t know.

Lindsay – (laughs) I got a new car so I’ve been listening to satellite radio so I will say my favourite station is ‘90s on 9’ hits from the 90s, gosh, especially in the past couple of months writing the record, finishing that I kind of go on like a music hibernation sometimes. So I haven’t been listening to much, I know that’s a terribly boring answer.

ITTO? – No, that’s cool. How long have you had the songs for this record? Have they been written over the last few years since the first record or have they been written pretty much in the months leading up to recording?

Lindsay – All in the last year, one of them we wrote sort of in the in-between time before we found Ed and the rest of them we wrote, a couple of them we had before, but most of them we wrote with him and we even finished one at the studio so they’re all in various levels of completion leading up to recording. But, for example, there are 2 songs we wrote like a week or 2 before we went into the studio and one that Mercy and Ed wrote 2 days before we went into the studio and I wrote my part there.

ITTO? – Do you write the lyrics in advance, do you have an idea of what you’re going to sing about or are they more last minute?

Lindsay – I have a couple of journals that have stuff on the ready and once we have a song written I’ll kind of flip through and say hey, this might fit and kinda tweak it from there. Most of it I have written already.

ITTO? – Will it be coming out on both Count Your Lucky Stars and Strictly No Capital Letters again?

Lindsay – Yes.


ITTO? – Ed is the newest member of the band, how did him joining come about? Had you know him long? Has he had any influence on the sound of the band or what direction you’re going in?

Mercy – We came in to contact with him, just like our last 2 drummers by putting up an ad on Craigslist and I think that is again a testament to like where Houston is like maybe not so heavily concentrated with people who like this type of music where we’re unable to find a drummer. I think he has changed the dynamic, he comes from more of a punk rock background than the last 2 drummers and he also likes all this kind of emo revival stuff. So I think overall he puts a lot more energy in to a lot of the songs.

Lindsay – And writing with him has been a lot of fun. It’s interesting, when we found him on Craigslist he had seen us before. We had never met him per se but he had seen us and liked our band, I thought that was really cool and we ended up having some mutual friends in Houston. He lives about an hour away right now, but it’s neat how we had kind of crossed paths.

ITTO? – You guys played the Topshelf/CYLS records showcase at SXSW, how was that? It looked like a pretty awesome line up?

Mercy – That was a fun time, it was really great to be able to see a lot of the, you know, a lot of the bands on CYLS really are our friends and we see them every time we go on tour and we see them we then come through so it was a great chance for all of us to be in one spot, we had a really good time.

ITTO? – Rumour has it that Chris Simpson of Mineral was there, did you see him at all?

Lindsay – Yeah, he was there. He did a surprise acoustic set, we played with him last year, he played with Zookeeper. And actually our band Tin Kitchen, our band before this, booked a show for Zookeeper in New Brunswick in like 2006 maybe or 2007. So we’ve crossed paths with him a few times which is pretty cool.

ITTO? – Awesome. You are coming back to the UK this summer to tour again and that will be your 3rd time in 2 years, what is it you like about the UK and what keeps bringing you back to come and play for us?

Lindsay – I don’t know, I really like it over there. The shows, I don’t wanna say they’re more fun, but in a way it’s like, I don’t know, people seem really in to us and in to the shows that we play and it’s a different vibe. And after the first time, of course being in a new place and being just in awe of everything, everything’s a little more fun and a little more interesting and making those friendships and wanting to do it all again, we’ve been lucky enough to be able to just do it.

Mercy – I would just add that a lot of the bands over there are bands that I really like and so that’s really fun and exciting to play. You know, it’s different from the US because we’re covering a smaller territory, you can have dates with a band like Human Hands like a couple of days in a row even though you’re not officially touring together and that’s fun too.

ITTO? – Like you say it’s a smaller territory but do you still find a difference between playing a show down south as opposed to playing in Scotland or the Midlands etc..?

Lindsay – That I did not really think about although I will say different places have their different personalities.

Mercy – Yeah, for sure.

Lindsay – Brighton was fun, like really energetic fun. Swansea…

Mercy – Is amazing!

Lindsay – Surprisingly amazing. It really seems that they have a really cool thing developing right now and there’s this venue that looks like it used to be a restaurant and we’ve played there twice and we’re playing there again. It’s just a really cool spot; I’m excited about what’s going on there

ITTO? – Excellent. When you play ‘Safety’ and everyone sings along with the guitar melody at the beginning, is that something that only happens here or does that happen every time you play?

Mercy – I don’t think that’s ever happened when we play in the US.

Lindsay – Maybe after people saw the videos from ‘About Time’. That was a UK thing, it started in Manchester.

Mercy – Yeah, we were totally caught off guard by it but it definitely caught on.

ITTO? – The so called ‘emo’ scene is really vibrant and exciting at the moment, is that true of where you are in Texas or do you have to tour to feel a part of it.

Lindsay – I think right now there are some bands in Houston that are…

Mercy – Going for that sound or whatever…

Lindsay – yeah, that are in a nutshell a part of it but not necessarily leaving town and connecting but they’re definitely a product of it, newer bands. But it takes travelling to somewhere like Chicago or a lot of different places where like you’re ‘in’ it.  I wouldn’t say in Houston it’s a cohesive scene but its happening.

Mercy – I think it’s in the early stages right now, whereas like in other places like where we moved from, New Brunswick in New Jersey, it was already going by 2007/2008. I think here it’s just sort of beginning to develop and I’m not really sure exactly why that is but…

ITTO? – Yeah, where I live, in Margate, we had a massive scene at the end of the 90’s that my band was a part of but we don’t seem to have that now but there’s so much in other areas of the UK. It’s weird that in some places it’s really caught on and come back but now I feel I have to go online/write my blog to feel a part of it, rather than just having it locally like we used to.

Lindsay – I really think it pops up in bubbles, I mean if you think of it that somebody starts a band, they play with their friends bands and then it creates this thing. I feel like these bubbles pop up and they move and then they settle down again, you know, there are towns like you said in Margate that used to have something but just right now nothing is really happening. Yeah, I definitely think in the US it’s like that.

ITTO? – Yeah. And with ‘emo’, historically bands hate being labelled as ‘emo’ bands but that doesn’t seem to be such a problem anymore, bands seem to accept it. Do you have any objections to being called an emo band? Or does it not bother you at all?

Lindsay – It doesn’t bother me, I still feel like we are slightly, I don’t know, different.

Mercy – Yeah, I see what you mean. So, like, I don’t mind our band being called that but sometimes I don’t want anybody to be misled in to thinking it’s going to sound more like something else or whatever and I’m not talking about the Hot Topic thing, I’m talking about feeling like we’re exactly like the poster child of this whole emo revival thing. I mean, we don’t always adhere to the model.

Lindsay – And certainly if some layperson asks me what kind of music my band plays I would not say emo first because then I’d have to like give some sort of history behind that, I usually just say ‘Indie rock’. But I also feel like we’re a punk rock band at the core through just the way we do things.


ITTO? – And finally. If you could’ve been in any band from the 90’s who would it be and why?

Lindsay – Well I would say Rainer Maria is the obvious answer as it’s my favourite band. I think through playing music I’ve really come to appreciate how much they do as a 3 piece band. It’s just cool to think about the things that they do and how that might influence me or inspire me. Also another would be Sonic Youth because it’d be really fun to, first of all, play loud in humongous places but also to do all that crazy shit with the guitars all day would be…

Mercy – Really fun!

Ed – My love for Metallica makes me want to say them, but I think I’d love to have been in No Use for A Name. I remember listening to them in ’97 in junior high and, although not really realizing what “punk rock” was, completely loving them. Melodic punk rock has always been one of my favourites. It broke my heart to hear of Tony Sly’s death this past year – we were actually on tour when it happened, and I made it a point to dedicate our set to him that night

ITTO – Football, etc. Thank you so much!!




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Review: Pianos Become The Teeth – The Lack Long After

Band – Pianos become the teeth

Album – The lack long after

Label – Topshelf Records

If you have read my recent post about how much I love Pianos Become The Teeth then you probably already know how excited I am to finally have the new record. Sometimes it’s a bad idea to let yourself get carried away with anticipation and expectation, but not when it’s Pianos become the teeth. You know they won’t let you down. And they certainly haven’t.

‘The lack long after’ is one of the most powerful records I have ever heard. Emotionally, lyrically and musically. It manages to tear you apart as well as blow you away. The album is predominantly about the pain that vocalist Kyle Durfey has gone through/is going through since the death of his father. He is so open and honest about what has happened, the pain is on clear display throughout the lyrics but you can also hear it in his voice, he screams like a wounded animal with his voice cracking at times through the sheer passion that he’s emitting. There are heartbreaking moments where Kyle is trying to accept something that he doesn’t want to, when he sings “And i guess thats life” on ‘Good times’ or “I guess thats fine” on ‘I’ll get by’ you hear the voice of a broken man trying to put on a brave face for the sake of others. I first listened to album all the way through on my own in a dark room with headphones on and by the end I was in bits. Like their last record ‘Old Pride’, ‘The lack long after’ is just 8 tracks long but it’s completely justified, if it was any longer it would have to come with a health warning. The band have poured their heart and soul into this and have created something both stunning and brilliant.

Pianos become the teeth have made a more focussed album this time, ‘Old Pride’ had a chaotic beauty about it but here they have more of a structure to the songs. They have learned to refine the songs as to convey exactly what they want to. The music is still incredibly loud, heavy and brutal but also quiet, beautiful and passionate. The first song, ‘I’ll be damned’ is far catchier than other songs they’ve written in the past. And the subtle, post rock edge that ‘Old Pride’ had is explored in more depth on this record, ‘Liquid Courage’ for example, builds slowly and atmospherically whilst still never loosing any of the passion and power that the rest of the album has. I’ve always thought PBTT have a filmic quality to their sound and they still do, the songs can create movies in your mind the same way music by a band like Sigur Ros can.

‘The Lack Long After’ is certainly one of the best albums of this year. It’s a defining moment in a genre that is having somewhat of a renaissance at the moment. An album that will definately still be being talked about in 10 or 20 years time. I really cannot recommend it highly enough. Pianos become the teeth are probably the best band on the planet right now, and they have made a record which definately backs that up. Mind blowing, exhausting and downright brilliant.

You can currently download the album from itunes in the UK or order it straight from their brilliant label, Topshelf Records.

Thanks xx


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How many times can you forgive a band?

Last week R.E.M split up. As soon as i heard the news I did what most people do in these situations these days and made a glib remark on twitter. Something along the lines of ‘gone and somewhat forgotten’. About an hour later Zane Lowe, noticing that the news of the split wasn’t being met with the utter distraught he deemed necessary, posted a tweet outraged that people could feel this way because the band were legends. I’ve got nothing against R.E.M, I’ve never been a massive fan but I certainly don’t hate them, it just seemed that the news that a band that was once relevant had split up seemed a bit…. well, irrelevant. It did get me thinking though. Do we carry on loving bands based on their former glories? If i loved a band but have not liked their last few albums then am I still a fan? Looking at the trailers and press for the new Pearl Jam documentary ‘PJ20’ I’ve been getting really excited to see it because for most of my teenage years they were one of my favourite bands. But, with the exception of ‘Backspacer’ which i thought was pretty good, I haven’t enjoyed any of their output since ‘No Code’. Am I a fan then? If I went to a Pearl Jam gig I probably wouldn’t know half the songs. I’d be the idiot that only goes crazy to the hits and all the hardcore PJ fans would be looking at me with scorn in their eyes when i’m stood gormless during the newer songs. So the warm feeling that i’ve been getting when watching the trailer for the new film is clearly a massive dose of nostalgia. The feeling the Hollywood execs are hoping we all get when they turn another TV show from the 80’s into a summer blockbuster. I’m not really a fan then, i just feel nostalgic for a time when i was. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with nostalgia except for the fact that its downright stupid. Looking back and thinking everything was much better in the past is bullshit. I hated those conversations that used to happen all the time at uni when someone would go ‘do you remember that cartoon that used to be on when we were kids?’ Why do you care????? Rock’n’roll should be relevant. It should be new and exciting. If a band can’t instill that excited feeling in you, then move on. It’s hard when a band that you still are very much in love with let you down and bring out a new album that crushes your soul with its awfulness. I’ll never forget the feeling I had the first time I heard ‘On a wire’ by the Get Up Kids. Their first 2 albums were immense, the stuff of legend. ‘Something to write home about’ was barely ever off my stereo and seeing them live at the Garage in London just cemented how amazing the Get Up Kids were. When I bought ‘On a wire’ I was living on the outskirts of London, I had heard that the album had been out in America and may be available on import in the UK. I spent a whole morning searching record shops when I eventually found it in the massive HMV in Oxford Street. It was on sale for £18!! But as I was so desperate to have it I paid, got on the tube, and went straight home. As soon as I put the CD on I was hit by a feeling of dread. ‘My god’ I thought ‘what if it’s crap?’ And it was. I forced myself to stick with it but it was always a struggle. I continued to go see them live and the next album was a step up but it was never the same. They blew it. And looking back I should have moved on sooner. There are always new bands out there making new music that has the potential to blow you away. Just don’t be lazy or rest on your laurels because without even very much effort you can find your new favourite band. I’m thinking of introducing a 2 album limit. If a band makes two shockingly bad albums, back to back, then they’ve lost me. I won’t even feel bad. There just ain’t the time to be putting up with mediocre toss. This is a warning to Jimmy Eat World. In the many years you’ve been around, in my opinion you have barely put a foot wrong. Until last year. ‘Invented’ was lame and uninspired, it pains me to say it but it was just not good. So, you’re on a caution. One more bad album and you’re off the team. Fingers crossed you turn things around.

Thanks, Alex

This is what’s been on all week.


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Turning the negative to a positive!

20th september 2011.

Autumn is here! Thank goodness. Being an emo boy I usually look forward to autumn each year, autumn being the most emo of all the seasons, but this year I have been anticipating it more than usual. Summer has been awful. I have been suffering with back problems since last november and in June it went completely, a massive prolapse. And with that came hospital visits, mri scans, spinal surgery, no work and a lot of sitting at home feeling sorry for myself (and for my wife, who’s had to pretty much do everything). Some summer that turned out to be. But enough with the moping, it’s getting me nowhere, and right now seems to be a super exciting time for music. So, basically, this is what i’m gonna write about. And i may as well start now.

Well, to start with a short note of what’s getting me excited music wise at the moment. It seems like all the bands that i’ve recently fallen in love with have new music on the horizon. Transit, Pianos become the teeth and Four Year Strong all have albums on the way. As do I am the avalanche and there is a new Polar bear club longplayer i’ve yet to get my hands on. New albums also from some of pop punks biggest hitters Blink 182 and New Found Glory if that floats your boat. It’s 20 years since Nirvana changed my life forever and turned me in to the grunger that i’ve never really recovered from, you can’t help but have noticed that Nevermind is being re-released in various guises. Pearl Jam are also celebrating the 20 year mark with the release of a new documentary PJ20, and perhaps most exciting is the film that really captured the early 90’s at its most exciting and hillarious is finally being released on DVD. 1991,the year punk broke follows sonic youth on a 2 week summer european tour of festivals and club shows, Thurston Moore is often ‘wet your pants’ funny and you also have amazing footage of Nirvana a few weeks before the release of Nevermind which is just priceless. Also includes live performances from Dinosaur JR and Babes In Toyland, sweet.

So, over the next few weeks, i’m stuck inside. No going to local shows for me, so i will be missing any bands playing Margate, Folkestone or Canterbury. Hopefully not gonna miss out too much. So i will just report on any new music i listen to, but will look to recover soon so i can report from whats happening in the local scene as well.

Thanks for reading, Alex
Below is whats currently rocking on the stereo! x


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