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The 10 best records of 2011 (according to me)

2011 has been a very weird year!

If you’ve watched the news for more than 10 seconds at any given point during the last 12 months then you will be of the opinion that the world is ruined. What we need in these times is something to distract our worried minds, after all ignorance is indeed bliss. So, luckily, it’s been a very good year music wise. There have been so many amazing bands making amazing music that I’ve fallen behind and am still playing catch up.

This is a list of the 10 records released this year that have meant the most to me.

10 – Basement – I Wish I Could Stay Here

My favourite British band of this year and one of the only bands I actually got to see live in 2011, Basement, represent all that is good about underground music. Working towards a hardcore DIY ethic, making honest music and getting out, playing live with no hidden agenda. They released their debut full length ‘I wish I could stay here’ during the summer on Run For Cover records and it’s 10 tracks of brilliant, heartfelt post hardcore.

Click HERE to go to their site

9 – Polar Bear Club – Clash Battle Guilt Pride

Polar Bear Club brought a maturity to their sound and songwriting on this peach of an album. Still keeping the rawness of their previous output, ‘Clash Battle Guilt Pride’ saw the band come into their own. Instantly likeable, heart on their sleeve punk rock. And Jimmy Stadt has just about one of the best voices in rock and roll right now.

Click HERE to go their myspace page

8 – Touché Amoré – Parting the sea between brightness and me

‘Parting the sea….’ is 13 tracks of superb hardcore compacted in to 22 minutes. There is no messing about here, they had a job to do and they got that job done. Intense, precise, raw and powerful. A very good friend of mine, Paul (who also blogs HERE), recently stated that “Hardcore needs more hooks”. I do completely agree with that but you can definately find hooks, melody and more on this brilliant record. Touché Amoré do a brilliant job of mixing the quiet with the loud while at no point losing any of their power. 22 minutes of joy!!

Click HERE to go to their website

7 – Wavelets – Athaletics

I keep returning to this album time and time again. It’s deliciously warm charm has dug it’s claws deep into me. The songs are intricately complex and uplifting in equal measure. Embracing the indie emo sound from the late 90’s and with a perfectly lo-fi production this record sets itself apart from the over produced, copycat bands that claim to be from the same scene. And with song titles like ‘We’re really jazzed about the gig’ and ‘Bad scene, Jawbreakers fault’, how could you resist? Also has my favourite cover artwork of this year too.

Click HERE to go to their bandcamp page

6 – I am the avalanche – Avalanche United

Not many bands could leave SIX years between releasing their first and second albums and get away with it. IATA have pulled it off though, and with good reason. ‘Avalanche United’ is everything a good pop punk album should be, loud, in you face and catchy as hell. I was surprised how good an album this was, I didn’t think it would better the first album which has been on the stereo in our house consistently over the last 6 years, but that it did. They certainly deserve the adulation they receive just maybe don’t leave us hanging so long next time, huh??

Click HERE to go to their myspace

5 – Defeater – Empty Days & Sleepless nights

Defeater are setting the bar for modern hardcore bands. Environmentally conscious and socially aware, they are trying something different and succeeding. ‘Empty days & Sleepless nights’ continues with their narrative concept that begun with their debut album ‘Travels’. They back this up with brutally brilliant and infectious hardcore/post hardcore/screamo or whatever it is that describes them best. Fucking awesome is probably the best description I can give.

4 – Title Fight -Shed

Title Fight have been touring the UK recently and I am completely gutted that i’ve missed out. Their debut album, ‘Shed’, is a lesson in how fresh, honest and amazing pop punk can sound. Produced by the legend that is Walter Schreifels (Rival Schools, Quicksand, Gorilla Biscuits), this is 12 punchy tracks delivered at pace with brilliantly delivered, almost screamed vocals. Watching them on youtube, they seem to stir up a stagediving frenzy every time they play live, so here’s hoping that they return to these shores sooner rather than later.

3 – Algernon Cadwallader – Parrot Flies

If I ever feel down in the dumps and it happens, this year has been hard at times, I know that if I reach for this record a smile on my face won’t be long in coming. There is something in the sound and the way that they play that brings me much pleasure, they manage to out Cap’n Jazz as the kings of Cap’n Jazz style emo pop. Not that they sound the same as other bands, they manage to bring originality and joy to the scene. Perfect indie fare that also brings to mind Built to Spill and Pavement in places. Especially at the end of the first track, ‘Springing Leaks’, when it tails off into the most gorgeous guitar solo that evokes summer like no other band could.

Click HERE to go and listen at bandcamp

2 – Transit – Listen & Forgive

Transit win the 2011 award for “Album I’ve most embarrassed myself by singing along very loudly in my car to!!!”. It’s not a very prestigious title but it’s definitely an amazing record. How could you put it on and not sing along? It’s hit after hit of Pop punk goodness but with a healthy 90’s emo leaning. The Get Up Kids must’ve listened to this record and wished they could still make them as good.
They were also on the tour with Title Fight in the UK recently and by all accounts were completely amazing, so that’s more reason for me to damn my stupid back to hell. I’ll just have to console myself with another hearty singalong.

1 – Pianos become the teeth – The Lack Long After

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, and if you have can I just take this opportunity to say “wow, thanks and you have my pity x”, then it will come as no surprise that I have chosen ‘The lack long after’ as the best record of 2011. Pianos Become The Teeth are my current favourite band in the world and this album, to me, is an instant classic. Genuinely affecting and at times exhausting to listen to, this album stands head and shoulders above the rest this year. It is dark and heavy but also beautiful, Kyle Durfey has a voice full of pain and anguish that manages to be both powerful and fragile, sometimes even in the same song. Essential music that I can whole heartedly reccomend to anyone.

So, have I got it right? What do you think are the best records of 2011? What am I missing? Let me know.
Cheers xx

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Review: I Am The Avalanche – Avalanche United

Band – I Am The Avalanche

Album – Avalanche United

Label – I Surrender / Xtra Mile

Brooklyn’s finest, I Am The Avalanche are back!! This album has been a long time coming, six years in fact since their last album, and as Vinnie puts it on the opening track: “Holy fuck, things have changed”.

In my eyes things have definitely changed. I think punk, pop punk, emo and whatever other scenes that are associated are in a much healthier state now. There are a mass of bands out there producing quality new music, and people are consuming music in new and strange ways. So when a band have been gone for so long can they still prove to be relevant?

Well, I can answer that by saying HELL YES!!!
Avalanche United is an absolute triumph from start to finish.

For whatever reason I have been really into pop punk bands this year. Maybe it’s because I’m 31 trying to feel 19 again, or maybe it’s just that there are some really awesome pop punk bands out there right now. So you can understand how excited I was to finally get my hands on a copy of this new IATA full length.

I am very fond of the self titled debut album. My wife, Hannah, got me first into the Movielife and then subsequently in to IATA. the first album became her record of choice to listen to while she cooked, so whenever I hear it now, not only do I hear a succession of punk anthems I also hear her sweet voice singing along in my head and then my tummy rumbles, it’s a good feeling.

From the get-go ‘Avalanche United’ takes off and never looks back. It’s one of the most instantly likeable albums of this year, each song is catchy hit after hit of punk goodness, there are more hooks here than a fishing tackle shop. Songs like ‘Brooklyn Dodgers’, ‘Amsterdam’ and ‘Is this really happening?’ are so infectious you are already singing along with your arms in the air before the end of your first listen.

Frontman Vinnie Caruana sings about love, friendship, pride in where you are from and about good times. It’s an uplifting record. And it’s solid, I was surprised, in a very nice way, with how big the sound is, it’s huge. All the worries about whether after all this time they could still cut it were clearly unfounded. I Am The Avalanche are here to show other bands how it’s done, this is how you make a punk record in 2011. They are not breaking any new ground here but what does that matter? They’ve taken their classic sound and made a classic album with it.

The band have obviously not been sitting idle for six years. They have been on tour after tour playing with bands like Bayside, No use for a name and Four Year Strong. During this time they had been playing and demoing songs like ‘Brooklyn Dodgers’, a monster of a song. So it’s amazing how fresh the album sounds. The songs have done well out of the time it’s taken to get the album together. They are tight, precise with not a duff note or rushed moment between them.

And Vinnie is one of the nicest guys. We hung around after a Movielife show back in 2003 at the LA2 in London and Vinnie came out to chat to us and the other fans who’d stuck around. It was awesome. He even posed for a photo with Hannah and her brother, Zander. I don’t know if it shows (much!!) but Hannah was pretty damn excited to be in the picture


All in all and to reiterate, I Am The Avalanche have delivered the best pop punk album of this year. It’s gonna have permanent residence in my cd player for quite some time, I can tell you.
They are about to tour the UK with the great Hostage Calm, I ain’t gonna be able to go because of my stupid back so I’m am hoping that they will be back. If you get to see them let me know how awesome it was either here or on twitter (@alextb3).

Cheers again xx

Click here to go to their myspace page and have a listen


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