I love music. Emo, punk, hardcore, post hardcore, indie, pop punk, screamo and so on. I think that there is a really strong scene out there at the moment, stronger than it’s been for so long and I want to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences on whats happening locally (I’m from Kent,UK) and across the world. Join me!

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26 thoughts on “Me

  1. wallernotweller says:

    Love it. Keep it up. keep taggin and posting and dont give up x

  2. Very cool blog, keep up the good work

  3. I really like your posts and was wondering if you’d like to write for my website.

  4. Kyle says:

    Do you by any chance have the self titled ep by The Autumn Year? I can’t find it anywhere.

    • alextb3 says:

      I only have the ‘it’s better to leave while you still love it…’ cd, my friend put a song of their’s on a comp he put out so will ask him if he has it

  5. Kyle says:

    cool thanks

  6. clara says:

    awww, super sweet blog Alex, hearing some of these songs brought back some memories! Its a shame you dont have a direct link to the tracks on you top 10 as i think that would be a massive improvement!! I will bookmark and keep reading. Hope you are planning on playing some London shows soon and bring Hannah with you, it would be great to rock out to some classic babies tunes!! Untitled number one is my number 1!! x

    • alextb3 says:

      Thanks Claire, hope you’re good. I’m not in the new babies three line up but I’m sure they will be playing London at sometime soon. Untitled no.1 is an awesome song.
      Will link it all up as best I can when the list is complete.
      Cheers lovie x

  7. Jacen says:

    Great job with the top 100, everyone has their opinions, personally i would have had sensefield much higher 🙂

  8. Graham SUnfactor says:

    Just stumbled across this site whilst googling Dismemberment Plan (laying on a bed in my pants in a hotel room in Calgary – but thats another story) Fuck Alex its been a lot of years, but when I got to the bottom of your top 100 list and realised who you were it brought all the fun times back – Our first ever show together, later shenanigans at the Lido and some house party in god knows where. Those memories are golden and i’ll never forget cheering each other on, and the euphoria of you guys cracking into ‘Eleven’. Hope life has been good to you all – Graham (sunfactor)

  9. alextb3 says:

    wow, it’s awesome to hear from you. they were some of the best times, especially the tour. we all felt the same way when you’d play small town and all the other classics. Hope all you guys are good, we saw Andy outside a Sunny Day Real Estate show in London a couple of years ago. sitting in pants in a Calgary hotel room sounds like a lot of fun, long may the good times continue.
    lots of 90’s emo love, alex

  10. Rad blog man, keep it up. I’m sure you’re familiar at this point but keep an eye on Count Your Lucky Stars Records of Fenton, MI USA. Great things coming from them lately.

  11. giuntacore says:

    Rad blog. Glad some people are still listening to this kind of good music.

  12. giuntacore says:

    Thanks for writing this.
    Don’t give up!

  13. Travis says:

    Check out this band from St. Louis, MO USA… They remind me of Gorilla Biscuits/Lifetime/H2O… You should post them or do a review.. :

  14. adam cox says:

    Awesome Blog, glad someone else in the UK is flying the emo flag!
    l remember seeing Babies 3 and Rydell in Margate sometime in 2000 maybe and always have a fondness for the UK emo scene back then.
    Keep up the good work!

  15. greg says:

    i just discovered this blog, it really makes my day ! All those band names i loved back in the days and almost forgot… after reading this, i want to listen to at least 20 records 🙂
    thanks !
    ps : i have an old “uk emo” comp., i guess your band Babies 3 is on it… i definitely have to check it out… if i find it back

  16. Hey you should check out a band called Valens, sound like the Promise Ring meets Time Spent Driving, and a bit of Sunny Day Real Estate. They just released their first album.

  17. Travis Woods says:

    awesome blog dude!

    do you accept digital submissions for possible review?

  18. Todd_Trubbs says:

    dude, i love your top 100 but i gotta ask, where’s early Mock Orange, early Look Mexico, No Knife, This Town Needs Guns, Tubelord, and Colour??? Just curious…

    • Todd_Trubbs says:

      oh, and Gods Reflex, Colossal, Waxwing, Pinback…Maybe there needs to be a top 150 😉

      • alextb3 says:

        there was so many that I left out, if I did it again today I would prob do it different. I wanted it to be a bit autobiographical, songs that meant something to me over what was technically the best, and because of that I stand by it. Could def make an awesome list of what’s missing and it would be just as good though. cheers for reading!!!

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