The week – 8/12/2014

a week is a long time in emo

Plaids are no more.

First up, some very sad news. As of yesterday (07/12/2014), Plaids are no more. The band announced their split on facebook, actually I miss read what they meant and only realised they had actually split up by reading the comments underneath. I was gutted to realise it was true, Plaids are one of a few UK bands of the last couple of years that have injected some life back in to the UK punk/emo scene. Their energetic live shows backed up their knack for writing exciting and interesting post hardcore gems. Hopefully they’ll be back in various guises with new bands soon. Will miss you Plaids!

Plaids at About Time 2, 2013



Beezewax, having recently released a new album which I haven’t even had time to check out yet, are back in the UK this week to play some more live dates after gracing us with their presence earlier in the summer. The four dates will see them play London, Cardiff, Liverpool and Leeds. It was one of my highlights of this year having the opportunity to put them on in Margate in May and I’m pretty gutted that I won’t be able to see them play this time round, although they have promised to come back next year. Here’s hoping.


People of East Kent!!


Celebrate what a triumphant return to form the local scene has seen this year with 3 of the best bands from the area this Saturday (13th December) at the glorious West Track Studios in Canterbury. I really wanna see Mass Lines play live, not had the chance yet and their demo is amazing. Sans Pareil blew me away when I saw them back in October and Cosmic Thoughts always bring the good times (and occasional scraps with the audience). Should be an amazing night!!

Washed Up Emo Awards


Washed Up Emo are inviting people to vote in their first annual Emo Awards. You have until this Friday (12th December) to have your say on your favourite new and old Emo bands/albums/live performances. To vote, click HERE

Submission of the week:

Souvenirs – You, Fear and Me


I have a habit of unintentionally missing emails, or being too lazy and slow to respond to the ones I have read so I thought it would help me to have a regular slot here to write about bands that have been nice enough to get in touch with the blog. The first of which are Souvenirs.
Normally if I receive something and it says for fans of SDRE, Braid etc… I’d be pretty excited to give it a listen but I’ve been so down on new Emo bands recently that I first put this on with trepidation. Luckily for me it weren’t half bad, in fact I’d go as far as to say it was pretty bloody good.
‘You, Fear and Me’ will be released on the 16th of December via Other People records, it’s 11 tracks of Indie Emo Rock that hit the right downbeat tone spot on. I’d say there is more in common here with newer bands such as Tigers Jaw and Balance & Composure than older bands, however saying that they do bring to mind This Beautiful Mess whom I really liked back in the day. Well worth a look.


I’m busy finishing off my records of the year which will be up on the blog pretty soon. Christmas preparations are taking their toll at the moment (see the below image) but I will persevere in getting this blog updated as regularly as possible. I’ve got plans for some great features that will be published in the new year which I’m really excited about. Will tell you about it asap!!


My daughter Indigo, aka the Grinch!


I’ll leave you with a reminder of how great a band Plaids were, thanks for reading 🙂

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