Band – Sport

Album – Bon Voyage

Label – Good Post Day Records (UK)

Bandcamp –


Wow! 2014 has really hit the ground running. There is a huge amount of amazing records being released and previewed on an almost daily basis, I feel like I’m swamped already. If you’ve read this blog a lot before then you’ll know I don’t get to sleep much and we’re being made to move house at the moment so free time to write is very limited. But, so we don’t fall behind, I’m gonna try and write as much as I can about as much as I can in short, sweet bursts so hopefully nothing will get forgotten about. And where better to start than with the incredibly exciting new full length from Sport!?!

Ok, if you want some advice of how to get me on side with your bands album then you can pick up some very helpful tips from ‘Bon Voyage’ by Sport. In my eyes, these guys from Lyon, France are doing everything right. They play 90s emo, now I know that is beginning to be something that is putting people off so instead maybe I should say, they’re playing emo the way it’s meant to be played. With immense amounts of energy, heart and a great deal of skill.

They have packed so many hooks and melody into these 11 songs it’s unreal and what makes it better is that it is at no point samey. Sport are not one trick ponies, they deliver an album which takes influence from the entire emo spectrum. ‘Charles Lindberg’, one of the highlights of the album, takes it’s lead from Spraynard, the are echoes of Crash Of Rhinos type post hardcore on ‘Ulrike Maier’ and aspects of Braid, Algernon and Hot Water Music through the rest of the record. But, saying that, ‘Bon Voyage’ is not just a record where you can see a range of influences on display, that takes away the credit that Sport duly deserve for creating a completely brilliant album.

A sign that I know that this is a good record is when I’m playing it full blast in the car, every so often a bit will come up, it’s not always the same bit each time, and I’ll just sit back and think ‘Damn, this is a good record!!’. That may seem like an obvious sign but I thought it was well worth mentioning. I also have an annoying habit where I sing along, loudly, without knowing any of the words. It’s so catchy but the lyrics are quite hard to make out, even so, I don’t see this as a valid reason to not be singing along. This may get on your nerves when I’m doing it at their upcoming UK tour but that’ll be your problem for you to deal with.

This is the first, of hopefully many, truly incredible record of 2014. And one more tip on getting me on side with your band, include a sample, like Sport do on ‘Jacques Mayol’ from the film Fargo. It’s guaranteed to make me love your band forever, like I will Sport!!!! (You’ll probably notice a pretty sweet Stand By Me sample at the beginning too, which is cool, but it’s no Fargo)

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5 thoughts on “REVIEW: SPORT – BON VOYAGE

  1. Ian says:

    I was wondering whether or not you were “Dan Hoerner” on Skatepunkers? Because if so, I was trying to access this folder you linked us to, but it wouldn’t let me access it.

    “The owner of the folder you are trying to diretly link to has disabled access to direct url. The folder owner must re-enable direct url access before this will work.”

    So if you’re him, I was wondering if you could re-enable it the direct url access.

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