Review: Dowsing – It’s Still Pretty Terrible

Band – Dowsing

Album – It’s still pretty terrible

Label – Count Your Lucky Stars

This album came out a little while ago on the amazing Count Your Lucky Stars label but I figured that it’s never too late to write nice things about an album that you really enjoy. I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit lazy when it comes to most aspects of being alive and writing reviews is no exception, if the album is good enough then I will get there eventually and you can be rest assured that this album is more than good enough.

With ‘It’s still pretty terrible’, Dowsing have made a pretty refreshing record. Refreshing in the sense that their straightforward take on making great quality songs makes them stand out from the crowd. They’ve taken the basics of what you need to be a really incredible band and perfected them. There is no gimmick or tricks to be found instead you have 10 tracks of catchy guitar led indie rock with a good slap of pop thrown in too. The guitars are (mostly) clean, the keyboard/organ sounds gorgeous and the songs are packed with plenty of heart and charm. This is the kind of record that The Get Up Kids should have followed up ‘Something to write home about’ with if they were looking to ease off of the pop punk and lean more on the indie side of emo instead of the disappointing ‘On a wire’. If they had things could have been really different.

Dowsing ease us in to the record with the gentle instrumental, ‘Get Dead’, it is pretty and lovely and all kinds of nice things. We then move on to ‘What did you ever do?’, which exemplifies what Dowsing do best. Some albums take a while to get in to or need some time to grow on you and some are so instantly likeable that you count yourself a fan on the first listen. A song like ‘What did you ever do?’, as well as others like ‘Wired for success’ and the fantastic ‘Terminals’, sees Dowsing’s ‘It’s still pretty terrible’ firmly in the latter category. And this is what you find throughout the rest of the album. Dowsing know how to write a good song, simple yet completely effective and loveable, and each one is a pleasure to listen to. The album is closed by the bittersweet ‘Somerset’, an alternative full band version of which was on their split with Parker earlier in the year. Here it is stripped back to an acoustic guitar and keyboards and sounds all the better for it, a real treat to finish the record with.

‘It’s still pretty terrible’ is a great record, it reminds me somewhat of the songs I used to try to write back in the day. Try and always fail. I will keep trying and one day I might get there (I won’t) but in the meantime Dowsing will see you good.

You can download the record from the Count Your Lucky Stars Bandcamp page HERE

Or if, like me, you live in the UK you can buy it on vinyl from the good, and very trusting, people at View From The Attic records HERE

Thanks for reading x

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