Review: Best Practices – The EP LP

Band – Best Practices

Album – The EP LP

Label – Tiny Engines

Maybe it’s because of all the emo music that I’ve been listening to and obsessing over for the last few months but this record by Best Practices sounds so refreshing. It’s the kind of record that grabs you by the lapels and wakes you up from your slumber with a mighty slap round the face. Sometimes there is nothing better then a good punk record and this is a fucking good punk record.

Best Practices are from Providence, RI and feature members of Light the Fuse and Run, Jesuscentric and Wow, Owls! and you may think the album title is a little confusing. That is until you hear the record and realise that although the record has 9 songs it lasts just 12 minutes. Which is the exact time it takes me to drive to work so he record has it’s practical uses. It’s unusual to talk about what practical use a record has but when I can hear the whole record through to wake me up and get me ready for the day on the way to work, and then hear it all the way through to pick me up on the way home from work, then it does that little bit more to win over my affection. And this record is a really great way to start a day, its the musical equivalent of a double espresso.

Most of the 9 tracks clock in at around the 1 minute mark and the whole record is played at a frenetic pace. The energy of the band playing is perfectly captured and the sound is loud and distorted in an amazing garage punk way. The album starts as it means to go on with ‘Deerhunter’ and it just never lets up, there is no drop in pace or dull moments just punch after punch of glorious punk rock. There are moments of the Descendents here and there, some of the meldoic guitar work brings them to mind. The vocals are delivered with all the power and energy needed to match the music on offer. And then the record is finished off in style with, ‘Get Confident, stupid’, which, while still played at the same speed also has a really great melody to it which is in a slightly different key to the other tracks and makes you love the record even more. A great finisher.

Please go and check the record out, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better punk record this year. If you are in the UK you can purchase it on one sided 12″ vinyl from View from the attic records, click HERE to go to their site. Or you can download from the Tiny Engines bandcamp page HERE.

Thanks for reading.

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