The ‘Is this thing on?’ Top 100 EMO songs of all time. Part 2 (90-81)


Previously on the Top 100 EMO songs of all time………..

100 – Reggie and the full effect – Thanx for stayin

99 – Roadside Monument – Sunken anchor

98 – Boilermaker – Slow down

97 – Hundred reasons – If I could

96 – Jets to Brazil – Chinatown

95 – Coping – F For now

94 – Inside – Ray Brower

93 – Basement – Grayscale

92 – The Jazz June – Viva La speed metal

91 – Everyone Everywhere – I feel fine by Everyone Everywhere

To read more about each of those songs read the previous post here, and for some background as to why this list is happening read HERE

90 – Hunter Gatherer – Low Standards For High Fives

Who doesn’t love a good beard? These guys can grow them and how. ‘Low standards for high fives’ is the title track from the album of the same name released on everyones favourite German record label, Scene Police. Hunter Gatherer were from Athens, Georgia and played perfect Hot Water Music style emotional punk rock, with duelling vocals and plenty of intensity. Brilliant cover artwork too.

89 – Football, etc. – Safety

Songs don’t come much more gorgeous than ‘Safety’ by Football, etc. Starting off with a simple, swaying indie pop riff and moving into a more layered verse, the song then takes off as it builds into the chorus with plenty of overdrive and never looks back. Lindsay Minton beautifully singing “I’ll build a nest for you, I’ll build the best for you” in the chorus is indie emo at its very best.

88 – Race Car Riot – Raincheck

Some bands may need a whole back catalogue of albums and singles t0 leave a lasting impression, Houston band Race Car Riot managed to do that with just a handful of songs. Never releasing their own full length LP the bulk of Race Car Riot’s output is the 3 tracks put out by Deep Elm as a split EP with Appleseed Cast and Planes Mistaken For Stars, a couple of other tracks appeared on comp albums including the 1st Emo Diaries compilation. ‘Raincheck’ is the only song released with vocals on and is loud, dirty and poetic all at once. Would love to have heard more.

87 – Taking Back Sunday – Bike Scene

When Taking Back Sunday first emerged just over 10 years ago most of my music friends had gone off listening to emo and moved onto brighter things. So listening to bands that were so obviously, wore it on their sleeves, emo like Taking Back Sunday became a dirty secret, a guilty pleasure. I didn’t care though because a pleasure it was, debut album ‘Tell all your friends’ is now a classic, a high that the band would never reach again. ‘Bike scene’ displays all that was good with that album, brilliant heavy bits, amazing slow bits, multi layered vocals and the most emo of refrains; “I wanna hate you soooo bad, but I can’t stop this anymore then you can”.

86 – Leiah – Tiglio

European bands could do EMO so well, especially Scandinavian bands. Maybe the landscape of these countries would lend itself well to this type of music. And we were lucky enough to get plenty of them come and play our seaside town of Margate. Leiah are from Sweden and play heartfelt emo with indie pop sensibilities, ‘Tiglio’ is a wall of sound topped with almost over the top, Jeremy Enigk style vocals. Gorgeous.

85 – Brandtson – Still Life

Brandston’s first album’Letterbox’ was the band at their moodiest and best. Dark, grungey and emotional ‘Still life’ is six minutes of amazing rock music. I don’t think the band ever bettered their first record, but does that really matter because the record still holds up today and you can see its influence running through some of todays great bands.

84 -Polar Bear Club – Bottled Wind

Sometimes the lines are blurred as to what genre a band should fall into, especially considering there is a lot of overlapping. Polar Bear Club could be viewed as punk or post hardcore but on their latest album ‘Clash Battle Guilt Pride’ there is definately now an emo element to their sound. ‘Bottled Wind’ is proof of this, it rocks along with elements of Rival Schools or Far, both bands that boast amazing rock singers as frontmen just like Polar Bear Club do in Jimmy Stadt. Plus this is my wifes favourite record and she’d think less of me if I had excluded it.

83 – Starmarket – Losing Track

Another Deep Elm band, another Swedish band, what can I say? I’m a sucker for them. Starmarket play big, Braid style emotive rock’n’roll, ‘Losing Track’ is the 2nd song on this record which was originally an EP but then remastered and re-released by Deep Elm. When I was in the Babies Three we put a split cd single on year 3000 records with Starmarket so I obviously have a soft spot for them, and why not? They are rather good.

82 – Sunny Day Real Estate – Guitar and Video Games

‘Guitar and video games’ is taken from Sunny Day Real Estate’s 3rd album ‘How it feels to be something on’. This was the 1st of their records that I bought when it 1st came out and I remember how stupidly excited I was holding it in my hands in Select-a-disc in London. I think the album is completely underrated, in my eyes it’s a masterpiece. William Goldsmith’s sacking from Foo Fighters was a blessing, he had the last laugh because this album completely blows away anything the Foo’s subsequently put out. ‘Guitar and Video games’ begins like an old folk song, a swaying sea shanty of sorts, and then builds gradually into a beautifully dramatic ending. Perfect.

81 – Grade – Stolen Bikes Ride Faster

‘Screamo’ is sometimes considered more of a dirty word than ’emo’ itself, somehow undermining how good a band is just by mentioning the phrase in connection to them. Call them hardcore, emo hardcore, melodic hardcore, whatever. It doesn’t matter, Grade are an awesome band that know how to right a tune as much as they know how to kick arse, with a singer who can sing and scream without losing any passion or power. ‘Stolen bikes ride faster’ is from their classic album ‘Under the radar’ and is an example of how good they were at balancing all the different styles they had on offer.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think. The next part will be posted in the next couple of days. x

Update: read part 3 (80-71) HERE

If you use Spotify, click the link below to hear some of the songs

EMO 100

Watch the video below of Football, etc playing ‘Safety’ live

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6 thoughts on “The ‘Is this thing on?’ Top 100 EMO songs of all time. Part 2 (90-81)

  1. joey2tits says:

    I’m subscribed to your original spotify playlist, would it be possible to add these songs to that one too? Then hopefully by the end I’ll have 100 emo song on one big playlist that I can bust out when wandering round with my backpack and stripes on.


  2. wallernotweller says:

    my first ever listen to football etc was a good one…… the drummer looks like the most metal maniac madman nutface i have ever seen. cool.

  3. Dalknee octopus. says:

    I forgot about hunter gatherer, that song should be at number 34 you retard?

  4. Chris says:

    Hi, can you add the link for the full playlist…thanks

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