I am an emo boy.

There I said it, it’s out there, do what you will with that information. I do love a variety of musical types, many are variations on types of punk and indie but “emo” is the one I most identify with. I thinks it’s because when I first got into emo it was the first time I properly felt part of a scene. When I was in my late teens at the end of the nineties things were happening. Music was exciting, I played in a band that got to tour and make records and bands like Appleseed Cast would come and play our town and would make us feel part of something bigger.

About a month ago the (brilliant) Tiny Engines label put as their Facebook status a link to a Top 100 Emo songs list posted by the Boston Pheonix website. Awesome, I thought, I love lists. Lists are brilliant, they open up debate, give you an insight in to other peoples tastes and can be a good guide to discovering new and wonderful things. This list however was not good, in fact it was just plain wrong. It sparked a minor outrage among the people who had seen this status update judging by the comments people were leaving. I was not alone in my outrage and I started to think something should be done.

I don’t like elitism and snobbery in music but I do feel, like many others do, a sense of ownership of the bands that we were listening to at that time. Even though emo is very hard to define because it means different things to different people and no one really liked to even use the term, it was hard when that word was taken to describe music and a look that I didn’t recognise nor was a part of. About 7 years ago it started to take on an all together different meaning.

Where did all these nu-goths come from? Why was everyone referring to them as emo? Why was the Daily Mail telling middle England they should all be shit scared of them? And where had all the back packs gone??!?

So, all of a sudden, being into emo no longer meant you liked the Get Up Kids but instead meant that you wore goth make up and listened to bad glam pop punk. Luckily this time has passed and even more luckily there are amazing bands being put out by amazing labels playing music that harks back to that golden time of the late nineties. The Boston Pheonix was right, now does seem like a good time to compile a list of the all time top 100 emo songs but by in large they were so wide of the mark. Some of the bands that helped define the genre were completely left out and those bands that justifiably made the list seemed to be there because of odd song choices. Now, instead of just moaning on to all who would listen, which is very few, I decided to be pro-active and do something.

Its my pleasure to announce that this blog will be posting its very own Top 100 Emo songs of all time. Ta-DaaaaAHHHH!!!!

I’m doing this by myself so will obviously just be a top 100 according to me. As it is quite hard work I will be posting the list 10 songs at a time with a bit written about each one and starting with 100-91 which will be posted in the next few days. Feel free to let me know what you think, where I’ve gone wrong or suggestions as to who I’ve missed out or got in the wrong order. The list is complete but I really want your feedback and will post comments and corrections as I go along. I just wanted to put across what I think emo musc is and why I love it soo much.

Hope you enjoy it and many thanks for reading.

Click HERE to view the Boston Pheonix top 100

Below is a picture of me playing live for the last ever time with my old band, The Babies Three, in Margate August 2002

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11 thoughts on “WHAT’S MINE IS YOURS

  1. Dalknee octopus. says:

    I don’t even need to tell you what I think should be one there, u already know xxx

  2. Paul says:

    Oh man I’m kind of excited. Sunny day, tguk, the promise ring I hope are all included.

  3. Anthony says:

    I don’t think you have enough from the bands that actually defined the genre. How could you have Panic! At The Disco so high on the list, or even on the list at all?

    • alextb3 says:

      Panic at the disco are not on this list, the whole list isn’t up yet so there a lot more influential bands coming. Panic were on the boston pheonix list, which is just wrong!

  4. […] To read more about these tracks click here for no’s 100-91 and here for no’s 90-81 and for some background as to why I’m doing this list click here. […]

  5. Ax says:

    check this out, if you like mineral, sunny day real estate…

  6. chris says:

    this is the best blog ever man.

    i have a awesome channel check it out

  7. Brandon says:

    Hey, can we be best friends?

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