So this is the new year!

Hey. We have made it to 2012, well done us!!

Although the new year has begun and we are now a few days into it, my wife and I have decided that our new year will not begin until February due to the fact that on the 28th of January I will be having more surgery on my back.

I have yet to heal from the prolapsed disc that I had back in June of last year, and before that the annular tear I had in the same disc in November of 2010, so I will be having the bottom of my spine fused. Hopefully this will be an end to the pain and the painkillers that have plagued me for over a year. We feel a bit like we’re in a weird limbo at the moment so our 2012 will begin once the surgery is out of the way, all going to plan. My goal is to be recovered in time to see Stewart Lee at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury on the 24th of February which we bought tickets for before it became apparent that I would need extra surgery. It may be a bit ambitious (and foolish) but I’m trying to stay positive at the moment.

Hopefully that will be the first of many things I get to see/do in 2012. Having missed seeing bands like Title Fight, Transit, Defeater, I am the avalanche and Balance & Composure in 2011, I wanna make sure I make up for it this year.

I am desperate to go to Hevy Festival this August, last years line up was like a whos-who of my favourite bands and I can’t see why this year should be any different. The first bands to play will be announced in January so now is definitely a good time to be getting excited about it.

Another tour to be getting very excited about, for obvious reasons, is the Touche Amore UK tour which will be heading our way this March. As if seeing one of the most interesting bands in modern hardcore isn’t reason enough to be buying spare underwear, they are touring with Pianos Become The Teeth!!! This will surely be the best reason to visit London this year, sod the Olympics. If Sebastian Coe should hear ‘The Lack Long After’ I know he will say the same. Maybe. They are touring throughout the UK and will be playing the XOYO in London on the 28th of March.

2012 also sees the return of everybody’s favourite METAL band, Cancer Bats. The hairy Canadians have this week announced that, to celebrate the upcoming release of their new album, ‘Dead Set On Living’, on Hassle Records in April, they will be playing SIX!!?! shows in London in one day. Starting at the Old Blue Last at 11.30am they will then play Notting Hill Arts Club, Upstairs at the Garage, Brixton Windmill and the Barfly, culminating in a second show at the Old Blue Last at midnight. If you look at where the six venues are on a map of London it shapes out a pentagram!! How metal is that??  When we saw Cancer Bats at the Quarterhouse in Folkestone back in 2010, they were so loud my friend Paul’s hearing didn’t come back for days so best of luck to anyone who braves all six shows.

I’m looking forward, in general, to listening to a hell of a lot of good new music in 2012. For the last week i’ve been really enjoying Tangled Hair. Their ‘Apples’ ep was the bargain price of £2 on the Big Scary Monsters bandcamp page last week and its stayed on my car stereo since. They play infectious, math indie pop that draws you in from the first listen. They have some awesomely tricky time signatures too which are clearly destined to make me look like a fool for trying to dance along if I get to see them live. There is a video below of them playing at Banquet Records last year for you to enjoy.

Until next time, cheers guys xx

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