Review: I Am The Avalanche – Avalanche United

Band – I Am The Avalanche

Album – Avalanche United

Label – I Surrender / Xtra Mile

Brooklyn’s finest, I Am The Avalanche are back!! This album has been a long time coming, six years in fact since their last album, and as Vinnie puts it on the opening track: “Holy fuck, things have changed”.

In my eyes things have definitely changed. I think punk, pop punk, emo and whatever other scenes that are associated are in a much healthier state now. There are a mass of bands out there producing quality new music, and people are consuming music in new and strange ways. So when a band have been gone for so long can they still prove to be relevant?

Well, I can answer that by saying HELL YES!!!
Avalanche United is an absolute triumph from start to finish.

For whatever reason I have been really into pop punk bands this year. Maybe it’s because I’m 31 trying to feel 19 again, or maybe it’s just that there are some really awesome pop punk bands out there right now. So you can understand how excited I was to finally get my hands on a copy of this new IATA full length.

I am very fond of the self titled debut album. My wife, Hannah, got me first into the Movielife and then subsequently in to IATA. the first album became her record of choice to listen to while she cooked, so whenever I hear it now, not only do I hear a succession of punk anthems I also hear her sweet voice singing along in my head and then my tummy rumbles, it’s a good feeling.

From the get-go ‘Avalanche United’ takes off and never looks back. It’s one of the most instantly likeable albums of this year, each song is catchy hit after hit of punk goodness, there are more hooks here than a fishing tackle shop. Songs like ‘Brooklyn Dodgers’, ‘Amsterdam’ and ‘Is this really happening?’ are so infectious you are already singing along with your arms in the air before the end of your first listen.

Frontman Vinnie Caruana sings about love, friendship, pride in where you are from and about good times. It’s an uplifting record. And it’s solid, I was surprised, in a very nice way, with how big the sound is, it’s huge. All the worries about whether after all this time they could still cut it were clearly unfounded. I Am The Avalanche are here to show other bands how it’s done, this is how you make a punk record in 2011. They are not breaking any new ground here but what does that matter? They’ve taken their classic sound and made a classic album with it.

The band have obviously not been sitting idle for six years. They have been on tour after tour playing with bands like Bayside, No use for a name and Four Year Strong. During this time they had been playing and demoing songs like ‘Brooklyn Dodgers’, a monster of a song. So it’s amazing how fresh the album sounds. The songs have done well out of the time it’s taken to get the album together. They are tight, precise with not a duff note or rushed moment between them.

And Vinnie is one of the nicest guys. We hung around after a Movielife show back in 2003 at the LA2 in London and Vinnie came out to chat to us and the other fans who’d stuck around. It was awesome. He even posed for a photo with Hannah and her brother, Zander. I don’t know if it shows (much!!) but Hannah was pretty damn excited to be in the picture


All in all and to reiterate, I Am The Avalanche have delivered the best pop punk album of this year. It’s gonna have permanent residence in my cd player for quite some time, I can tell you.
They are about to tour the UK with the great Hostage Calm, I ain’t gonna be able to go because of my stupid back so I’m am hoping that they will be back. If you get to see them let me know how awesome it was either here or on twitter (@alextb3).

Cheers again xx

Click here to go to their myspace page and have a listen


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5 thoughts on “Review: I Am The Avalanche – Avalanche United

  1. Kate Fishkins says:

    Alex Beard, just thinkin please could you put up myspace links so I can listen to the music as i read for a fully interactive blog reading experience? X

  2. joey2tits says:

    was gonna say that too, maybe a soundcloud embed?

  3. wallernotweller says:

    the photo of the band on the record is way gay

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