In other non-punk related news

I am awaiting delivery of a couple of recent new releases to write about so in the meantime I thought I’d write a little bit about what else has been going on recently.

Last Saturday, the 5th of november, marked exactly one year since I first hurt my back. On that day last year I was making a cup of coffee, turned away to sneeze, which in turn left me with an annular tear to a disc at the bottom of my spine. Six weeks later, having been lovingly cared for by my beautiful wife, I returned to work and attended the odd physio session here and there.
Things had pretty much returned to normal. I was able to go to gigs, we took our kids to Disneyland Paris, I was looking to start a new band and so on.

But then, on the fourth of June this year my back went again. Gradually getting worse and worse until by the end of that first week I was on morphine every 4 hours and could barely stand, sit or lie. Finally, after what felt like forever, I was given an MRI scan followed by surgery to remove what they found out to be a huge prolapsed disc. And that was our summer gone, three boys at home wishing I could play with them and my wife being a hero and doing everything for everyone.
Recovery from the surgery is ongoing and has so far involved an epidural injection and a course of physio on top of plenty of painkillers. There is still a 40% chance I’ll need the bottom of my spine fused so I’ve gotta take things slowly. I’m now back at work on a phased return and I’m able to drive and do various bits. I’m considering going to my first gig this weekend, BASTIONS, but don’t know if it’s too risky.

With regard to being in a band again I can pretty much say that ain’t gonna happen. Every time I pick up my guitar I can tell that I couldn’t stand to hold it for more than 5 minutes. Maybe that will change, who knows? I’m not to sad about it though as I now have this lovely outlet to feel part of the scene. Writing these short pieces have been just what I needed to take the focus of the pain and severe lack of money. It also meant that I shut up for a few hours here and there which Hannah, my wife, will be forever grateful for.

I will you keep you update on my progress and can everyone please have some sneeze awareness. I should start a campaign or something because they can seriously muck your life up for a bit.
Cheers x

This is a picture of my back an hour before surgery.


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One thought on “In other non-punk related news

  1. […] had ongoing back problems since the 5th of november 2010 (if you wanna read about that then click HERE) and now it’s got to the point where the only option was more surgery. The discectomy I had […]

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