Review: Wavelets – Athaletics

Band – Wavelets

Album – Athaletics

Label – Tiny Engines

This week, apart from trying to provide plenty of half term entertainment for our many children, I’ve been very much enjoying two new releases from the fantastic and ever reliable label Tiny Engines. I will post the review of the other one as soon as but first up is the new album by Wavelets.

Wavelets hail from Gainesville, Florida. A place synonymous with men with beards and gruff voices playing awesome music. Although Wavelets don’t play in that ‘No idea’ style, they do play great music and ‘Athaletics’ is an album that truly reflects this.
A friend of mine complained to me recently that all bands sound far too over produced these days and therefore new bands don’t have that heart that old bands had. Well, as a case in point that this is not true I will be very insistent that they check this album out.
‘Athaletics’ is a nine track album that sounds deliciously lo-fi, the kind of sound that will instantly melt your heart and remind you of how good indie emo bands can be. They have been compared to another great band Algernon Cadwallader and you can understand why, but you get a different feel listening to Wavelets. The album in many places really reminds me of ’30 degrees everywhere’ era Promise Ring. It has that same catchiness and good use of repetition in places . The songs have a nice balance of delicately complex guitar play with straight up indie pop, they also have that bittersweet emo feel that is ideal for listening to at this time of year when the days feel colder and the night comes earlier.
The vocals are packed with the right level of emotion/intensity to bring the songs alive and it’s always a joy to hear gang vocals put to such uplifting good use.

The album is rounded off by beautiful artwork and some great song titles, ‘We’re really jazzed about the gig’ and ‘Bad scene, Jawbreakers fault’ are a couple of my personal faves. In all, ‘Athaletics’ is a beautiful album proving that there is still much scope to be found in that old emo sound. It’s currently available for digital download via the Tiny Engines Bandcamp page for approximately £3.73 ($6), and you can’t say fairer than that now can you!!!?!!

Click here to go the bandcamp page


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