Pianos Become The Teeth!

On november the 1st this year Pianos Become The Teeth release their brand new album ‘The lack long after’. It’s an album that i’m desperate to hear and to own and will definately be reviewing as soon as I can get my grubby little mitts on it. In the meantime, however, I thought i’d write a little something about them to try and get you as pee your pants excited as I am. If you have never heard them then now is the time.

In early 2011, in between my back problems, I was lucky enough to see these 5 beautiful men from Baltimore play in Margate. To say they blew me and the rest of the crowd away would be an understatement. There is something very special about them. It’s hard to define what it is, just like it’s hard to label them with a genre. You could describe them as screamo, they play emotionally charged music with screamed vocals, but screamo just doesn’t cut it. Probably because if you say the word screamo to someone it will immediately put them off and they would mutter derogatory words about you under their breath. It sounds outdated to use the term, the genre has long been dead. They are part of the wave movement, which encompasses bands such as Defeater, Touché Amore and La Dispute. The wave is a term that members of Make Do And Mend and Touché Amore came up with as a bit of a joke to describe the group of friends and bands that they’re in. The wave doesn’t describe a sound though. They have things in common with Defeater etc but there is something that sets them apart. Pianos become the teeth have an almost post rock style to their brand of hardcore. A soaring beauty that stands them apart from other bands. There is no posturing, no gimmicks, nothing fake or forced. The 8 songs that make up their previous album ‘Old pride’ are packed full of intense emotion. It leaves you, as the listener, exhausted by the finish, it’s a cathartic experience. A primal therapy for all involved. Judging by the video for new song ‘I’ll be damned’ that was premiered last week on altpress.com things are not gonna be letting up on the new record, if anything it will be getting darker.
So, before they release ‘The lack long after’ next month on the ever fantastic and reliable Topshelf Records have a watch and a listen and see how you feel afterwards. I hope they have the same affect on you. Cheers

here is the video

See, I told you they were beautiful


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