Review: Transit – Listen & Forgive

Band: Transit

Album: Listen & Forgive

Label: Rise records

I feel like i’m being completely spoilt at the moment. Every week there seems to be a wrath of new albums to gorge on, so much so i’m finding it difficult to keep up. Top of the pile for me, currently, are Transit. If I didn’t know better i’d think that Transit exist purely to make me happy. They play music so appropriate to my taste that i’m convinced that at any moment I could wake up to realise they were nothing more than a perfect dream. I am a massive fan of Transit’s previous album ‘Keep this to yourself’, I think that its the quintessential pop punk album full of songs that Taking Back Sunday can only wish they were still capable of writing. But ‘Listen & Forgive’ is a step up. Transit have taken the late 90’s emo sound, dusted it off, mixed in their pop punk but now with added pop sensibilities. It’s an album so insanely catchy that you find yourself already singing along on your second listen. Every track is an immediate standout. The opening song ‘You can’t miss it (it’s everywhere) hits the ground running, The infectious up tempo beat grabs you by the lapels and forces you to climb on board. The guitar sound is so warm, lush and almost understated it gives the album an incredible glow. Combine that with the personal poetry of the lyrics and the memorable vocal melodies you get something very special. The record flows from track to track seamlessly. Using influences from several bands but never in an obvious way. Title track ‘Listen & forgive’ is a pop gem reminiscent of ‘Mass pike’ by Get up kids, there can be found elements of Braid and American Football in various places, ‘I think I know you’ has more of an indie sound and ‘Don’t make a sound’ reminds me of Maritime at their catchiest best.

I really hope ‘Listen & Forgive’ doesn’t alienate any of the fans from their earlier output. I can’t see how it could, the sound may be more accomplished but it’s still very much Transit. This is definitely a highlight in a year full of potentially classic albums. As the title suggests Listen! As for Forgive, Transit you ain’t got nothing to apologise for.

Perfect for: Soundtracking these autumn months.


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One thought on “Review: Transit – Listen & Forgive

  1. joey2tits says:

    all over it.

    You’ve more or less been my “go-to-man” for music for the past ten years. In the same way that this album felt like was made for you, I get the feeling that this blog is made purely for informing me.


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