Turning the negative to a positive!

20th september 2011.

Autumn is here! Thank goodness. Being an emo boy I usually look forward to autumn each year, autumn being the most emo of all the seasons, but this year I have been anticipating it more than usual. Summer has been awful. I have been suffering with back problems since last november and in June it went completely, a massive prolapse. And with that came hospital visits, mri scans, spinal surgery, no work and a lot of sitting at home feeling sorry for myself (and for my wife, who’s had to pretty much do everything). Some summer that turned out to be. But enough with the moping, it’s getting me nowhere, and right now seems to be a super exciting time for music. So, basically, this is what i’m gonna write about. And i may as well start now.

Well, to start with a short note of what’s getting me excited music wise at the moment. It seems like all the bands that i’ve recently fallen in love with have new music on the horizon. Transit, Pianos become the teeth and Four Year Strong all have albums on the way. As do I am the avalanche and there is a new Polar bear club longplayer i’ve yet to get my hands on. New albums also from some of pop punks biggest hitters Blink 182 and New Found Glory if that floats your boat. It’s 20 years since Nirvana changed my life forever and turned me in to the grunger that i’ve never really recovered from, you can’t help but have noticed that Nevermind is being re-released in various guises. Pearl Jam are also celebrating the 20 year mark with the release of a new documentary PJ20, and perhaps most exciting is the film that really captured the early 90’s at its most exciting and hillarious is finally being released on DVD. 1991,the year punk broke follows sonic youth on a 2 week summer european tour of festivals and club shows, Thurston Moore is often ‘wet your pants’ funny and you also have amazing footage of Nirvana a few weeks before the release of Nevermind which is just priceless. Also includes live performances from Dinosaur JR and Babes In Toyland, sweet.

So, over the next few weeks, i’m stuck inside. No going to local shows for me, so i will be missing any bands playing Margate, Folkestone or Canterbury. Hopefully not gonna miss out too much. So i will just report on any new music i listen to, but will look to recover soon so i can report from whats happening in the local scene as well.

Thanks for reading, Alex
Below is whats currently rocking on the stereo! x


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